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Poster: Spuzz Date: Aug 6, 2004 6:58am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Please! More Science In Action!

Yesiree, I am :)

Gotta get prelingers some how.. Like I said, A whole wack of files are down, which leads me to believe that a server might be down?? I know you've given me an explanation already, but I'm thinking otherwise ;)


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Poster: simon c Date: Aug 6, 2004 7:14am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Please! More Science In Action!

Actually, we have the final list of to-be-restored Prelinger movies, so I'm sure nobody will mind me posting that list here.

They're down because a server went down in mid-2003 and we had trouble restoring them properly, which is why we're having to go back to the CD-ROM backups. We'll re-digitize them if we're not happy the current copy we have is good enough, also.

[There are also a few movies that only have MPEG1s available right now, and we're working to get the MPEG2s of those back too.]

As you spotted, Spuzz, most of the missing movies are alphabetically close together, because it was one particular drive that failed. Because it happened so long ago, we need to go back to CD-ROM for these movies.


1935PonticA/1935PonticA - Pontiac Advertising 1935
08944a/AlwaysTo1941 - Always Tomorrow Part 1
19437/Censorsh1963 - Censorship - A Question Of Judgment
05866a/ClassicT1948_7 - Classic Television Commercials (Part VII)
dayfair/dayfair - A Day At The Fair
19826/Dedicati1932 - [Dedication of Macon Dirigible Hangar in Sunnyvale...
29904/FordFilm1928 - [Ford Films Weekly: Charles and Anne Lindbergh Land and Visit Airport]
07762b/GeneralM1927_2 - General Motors Around the World (Part II) gftofsun/Giftsoft1946 - Gifts of the Sun
17498a/TwoPayDa1927 - Two Pay Days Pt.1
02179/Syntheti1949 - Synthetic Fibers: Nylon and Rayon
sVacation2/sVacation2 - Amateur Films Vacation 2
50507a/Sciencei1956 - Science In Action Series
50509b/Sciencei1956_2 - Science In Action Series
50509a/Sciencei1956_3 - Science In Action Series
50509b/Sciencei1956_4 - Science In Action Series
50504a/Sciencei1956_5 - Science In Action Series
50504b/Sciencei1956_6 - Science In Action Series
50505a/Sciencei1956_7 - Science In Action Series
schlhsrd/SchoolHo1945 - School House in the Red
36339/SaoPaulo1949 - Sao Paolo
27906/SanFranc1963 - San Francisco: Story of a City
29577/SanFranc1946 - San Francisco Scenes
20143/SanFranc1929 - San Francisco Scenes
20168/SanFranc1937_2 - [San Francisco: Market Street and Ferryboats]
29317/SanFranc1937 - San Francisco Marches On!
19820/SanFranc1920 - San Francisco Aerials
18031/NewsMaga [from 1951/04]
13851/13851 - News Magazine Of The Screen



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Poster: simon c Date: Aug 13, 2004 5:36am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Restoration update (was Re: Please! More)

So, good news - I finished looking through the CD-ROM backups, and found just about all the missing Science In Action, San Francisco-related movies, and even the missing Ivan Besse film. One of two stragglers, but in general, no major issues.

These'll need to be copied back up to the server one by one and re-derived (time-consuming!), but will be back online 'soon'.


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Poster: warbirdguy Date: Dec 6, 2005 5:04am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: Please! More Science In Action!

19826/Dedicati1932 - [Dedication of Macon Dirigible Hangar in Sunnyvale...

When will the above film be restored?